Company Identity

At PTS, our competitive landscape is changing. With technology, communication, social media expanding and converging, we make sure to use these changes to create more value to our customers. We anticipate market needs and steer our company toward long-term success and growth.

Our Coverage

At PTS, we provide first class service from our base station to anywhere in India as per customer requirement.

Our Delivery

We aspire to be a creative and innovative leader in transportation solutions, to transcend in the industry, and truly become an eminent business moving forward. Our goal is to continue to develop innovative and efficient processes and reach into new markets as a transportation company. We differentiate our solutions based on our in-depth customer understanding, strong focus on market needs.

Our Values

In everything we do, we strive to provide the best service available to you. PTS is about enhancing efficiency and exploring new ways of reliable transportation. We have an innovation approach, a focus on continuous improvement, and are a solutions driven company. Our company was started because we saw a need for an honest, innovative and dependable service provider, we have been fulfilling those needs ever since. Our reputation is paramount to us and we stop at nothing to prove that

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